BNS 43: America’s Future Foundation, the Opioid Epidemic, and Free Market Solutions for Healthcare with Chloe Anagnos

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Today I am joined by a familiar face (or voice, rather) or the We Are Libertarians Network- Chloe Anagnos! Chloe is a writer and digital marketer and has been a contributor for the American Institute for Economic Research
(AIER) since 2017. Her work has been the subject of articles in FOX News, The Foundation for Economic Education (FEE), USA Today, CNN Money, and WIRED. She has been a writer, commentator, and panelist for media outlets around the country on subjects like political marketing, campaigning, and social media. She is also the Chapter Leader for AFF-Indianapolis.

Chloe and I start our conversation today discussing our roles in AFF (America’s Future Foundation) in both Indianapolis and Philadelphia, respectively. AFF is a professional development network for individuals who believe in the power of personal liberty, entrepreneurship, and innovation, channeled through free-markets, to promote positive social change. AFF events bring together like-minded advocates in with each respective community to network, learn from each other, discuss key issues, and ultimately collaborate to improve themselves and the city as a whole.

Both Indy and Philly AFF-chapters held seminars in recent months discussing the impacts of the opioid epidemic and the free-market solutions that are available to help mitigate the situation. Chloe and I discuss these AFF events at length, which then leads us to a more generic discussion about healthcare and the free-market solutions that are out there to help “fix” our broken healthcare system.

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