BNS 428: Próspera: The Most Libertarian Business and Living Environment in the World – with Joel Bomgar

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If we started from scratch, what would genuinely free business and living environments look like?

At Próspera, they’re doing their best to find out.

Joel Bomgar (President) joins the program to promote Próspera: a new, private special economic zone taking shape on the island of Roatan in Honduras – and it’s arguably the most libertarian business and living environment in the world.

They’ve taken the lessons and best practices from other special economic zones and created something new under the sun:

* A business environment with the flexibility to lower costs, spur innovation and speed time to market by eliminating layers of regulation and cronyism. Próspera can create its own regulatory and tax structures; businesses can “import” their preferred regulatory frameworks from scores of countries, or propose entirely new structures.

* A community of residents, e-residents and workers with some of the strongest human rights and legal protections in the world. (Residents have a literal legal contract with the government, their rights fully enforceable.)

* A framework for governance as a service applicable to any nation that wants to jump-start investment and give citizens a faster track to prosperity.

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