BNS 422: THROWBACK: Libertarian Messaging with Jacob Hornberger (February 2020)

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This THROWBACK episode brings us to February 2020, where I sat down with then-candidate Jacob Hornberger to discuss his seeking the Libertarian Party nomination, plus what he considers to be effective liberty-based messaging coming from the top of the ticket.

Original Show Notes:

Episode 100 is here! Not only do we have a new intro song to debut, but we’re also joined by and incredible guest! Today, I am joined by Libertarian Party presidential nominee/Mises Caucus endorsed candidate… the great Jacob Hornberger! Jacob joins the show to outlines how he would carry the libertarian message forward in the general election and why he would be the best choice to be that messenger.

And as an aside… thank you to each of you amazing members of the audience. Without your love, support, and encouragement, Episode 100 would never have happened. Here’s to the next 100 episodes of educating, enlightening, and informing!





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