BNS 37: Censorship Online Can Happen to You with Remso Martinez

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Today, I am joined yet again by Remso Martinez! He I the author of “Stay Away From The Libertarians!” and is best known for his podcast, the “Remso Republic”.

Censorship and deplatforming of conservatives and libertarians once sounded like a conspiracy theory. But in recent months, we’ve watched as the likes of Alex Jones, InfoWars, and even Gavin McInnes have been banned from social media giants like Facebook and Twitter. Jones and his conspiracy theory site, were often thought to be the only target of these media giants, however, listen as Remso and I discuss his own experience with targeted attempts by leftists and social media platforms to silence his work and pages.

If there’s one thing to take away from today’s episode, it’s that targeted censorship of right-leaning voices isn’t exclusive to conspiracy theorists and provocateurs… it can happen to anyone… even you!

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