BNS 35: Democratic Party NYS Assembly Candidate Keith Rubino

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Today, I am joined by Keith Rubino! Keith is the Democratic Party candidate for the 118th Assembly District in Northern New York. He has a degree in communications from SUNY Oswego and he’s been employed by A.R.C. Herkimer, Upstate Cerebral Palsy, and currently working at Central New York DSO to care for people with special disabilities.

Yes, Keith a Democrat… a Bernie Sanders supporting Democrat at that! But that didn’t stop us from having an absolutely phenomenal discussion about the issues that New York State is facing. Listen as we discuss Keith’s support of democratic socialism (and my rebuttal), welfare, universal education, universal healthcare, and the value of putting people over party.

This episode is the exact reason I started The Brian Nichols Show. Having Keith on allowed us to have an intelligent, respectful conversation despite our differences and actually have an opportunity to find some common ground.

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