BNS 32: Republican Liberty Caucus Executive Director Alexander Snitker

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On today’s episode of The Brian Nichols Show, I’m joined by the Executive Director of the Republican Liberty Caucus, Alexander Snitker!

Libertarian Party versus the Republican Liberty Caucus… no, it’s not a binary decision, but listen as Alex and I discuss the respective roles of the Libertarian Party and the RLC. We also tackle the question as to which organization is better at advancing liberty, the need for the Libertarian Party to take itself seriously, the issues with current LP leadership, and the vision of the RLC going forward, including their partnering with Young American’s For Liberty’s “Operation Win at the Door” campaign.

Bio: Alexander Snitker is a United States Marine veteran and was first Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate from the State of Florida in 2010. Alex has served as the Florida regional coordinator for the 2012 Ron Paul campaign and as the State Ground Coordinator for the Adrian Wyllie for Governor 2014 campaign. Alex also was the chairman of the Restore American Liberty PAC, which was specifically created to support Gary Johnson’s 2016 campaign for President. He is also the President of the Liberty First Network, which is a liberty lobbying organization based in Florida that works in Tallahassee on positive liberty legislation and educates the citizens on the political process and how they can individually make an impact.

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