BNS 294: DEBATE! Was the Edward Snowden Reveal was a Net Negative or Positive for Liberty? – on TownSircle

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Check out this debate between Marc Clair and Eric Brakey on whether or not the Edward Snowden reveal was a net negative or positive for liberty. I had the opportunity to moderate said debate over on the amazing new platform, TownSircle.

TownSircle enables public figures to come to the table and engage in the important issues of the day by offering pledged donations towards charity to help those in need as a means to facilitate debate.

Now, Eric and Marc didn’t exactly need nudging to take part in this debate, but we were still able to provide over 1,500 meals to those in need thanks to the money raised!

Check out the original link to the TownSircle debate page here and learn more about TownSircle here.

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