BNS 228: Out of Sight, Out of Mind- Why Marketing is Just as Important as Messaging (with Chris Goyzueta)

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How often have your gone out of your way to purchase a can of RC Cola? Not too often, eh? (unless you’re one of those RC Cola fanboys)…

Now, if I were to say, “think of a brand of soda”, Pepsi and Coca Cola are likely the first to pop into your mind?


Enter the world of marketing. Yes, what you say matters. But if you’re out of sight, you’re out of mind. That’s why today’s guest has made bringing professional marketing to the liberty movement.

Chris Goyzueta (Making it with Chris G) joins the program and brings years of music industry experience to the greater liberty movement. Listen as Chris outlines why marketing matters and how libertarians can take some easy steps to be better at marketing right now.

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