BNS 220: Selling Liberty to New Jersey -with Michael Rufo (NJLP VP of Political Affairs)

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2020 brought a lot of unprecedented challenges, with dozens of states taking unconstitutional actions to “protect” their citizens. One such state is New Jersey.

With the crackdown on civil liberties in response to the COVID pandemic, Governors like Phil Murphy unintentionally fired up activists all around the country. In New Jersey, the pro-liberty movement is alive and well, and that’s in large part due to today’s guest: Michael Rufo (NJLP VP of Political Affairs).

Mike ran for office as a Libertarian in past elections, but now is focused on helping bring pro-liberty policy to New Jersey by helping coordinate with Libertarian candidates to offer substantive, effective policy prescriptions to bring to the voters.

Listen as Mike outlines specific policy and tactical proposals for New Jersey on today’s exciting episode!

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