BNS 125: A Free-Market Approach to Urban Policy -with Scott Beyer

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What’s the libertarian answer to policy issues that plague major cities across the nation? Enter “Market Urbanism”.

Market Urbanism is the cross between free-market policy and urban issues. The theory calls for private-sector actions that create organic growth and voluntary exchange within cities, rather than ones enforced by government bureaucracy. It is thus a call for city growth and management in the classical liberal tradition.

Market Urbanists believe this model would produce cheaper housing, faster transport, improved public services and better quality of life.

Today I’m joined by Scott Beyer. Scott is an urban affairs journalist and founder of the Market Urbanism Report. He writes columns for Forbes, Governing Magazine, the Independent Institute, and, and gives regular speeches and media interviews.

He recently completed a 3-year cross-country trip to study U.S. urban issues, and will soon write a book on what he learned. After that, he wants to pursue a similar travel/book project covering the fast-growing cities in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

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