BHOL 90: Red Dead Confessions – Comic Logan Cook – Jiu Jitsu – Jails

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Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis co-host, with master hunter Kade Koger sitting in the third chair. There is an active poll for naming the deer that Kade brought to live in the studio with us now, and this week we have a Coyote pelt on the table. The pelt is because the guys have spiraled into Red Dead Redemption gaming. Each host confesses their worst crime.

Logan Cook is our featured guest, a veteran of the local comedy scene and a leading Jiu Jitsu / MMA fighter, even having his own move in competition. Logan really does feel like one of the WAL castmates, telling the story of how he infiltrated a Facebook group of psychics.

Finally, we get into the meaty subject of our local jail issue and discuss the latest news on proposals to move forward with a solution.

Special for our Patreon Only audience, there was a roll between Kade and Logan. Join patreon right now and you get to see how that turns out!

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