BHOL 89: American killed by islanders / The Green New Deal / Manhands

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Episode 89 of Boss Hog of Liberty is in your feed!

Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are hosts with Kade Koger and Chase Peyton as co-hosts. This episode is basically the guys reading the internet to each other. 95 percent of it is abuse of Chase for not being able to kill a deer, find a deer, or putting a ring on it. Most of the “manhands” comments will be funnier if you have a working knowledge of Seinfeld. Half the crew put of Christmas lights. Thanks to modern technology you can run the Griswold light show for $37 a year instead of $3800. And if you want real entertainment during the holidays, go down to the Rural King. Also…Buy your Christmas prime rib at L&K Farms.

Don’t name your kid ABCDE, don’t be a missionary in Indian without a plan, and the “Green New Deal” has mixed reviews from our expert panel.

Also…The show has a new mascot. We need your name suggestions! Poll coming soon.

We had fun…You will too.

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