BHOL 80: Council District 3 – Riddle & Clark

Boss Hog of Liberty

Episode 80 of Boss Hog of Liberty is now available!

Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis host the kick-off episode of the fan favorite candidate series. Tonight’s episode is sponsored by Wieland’s flowers, Henry Counties favorite florist!

We are joined by candidates from the 3rd Henry County Council district, Dakota Clark and Jesse Riddle.

Topics include transparency in county government, the future of the jail, parks, and the future of our county budget. We even went the extra step and asked the candidates to identify something that they liked about those in their race, and those already serving. Are you satisfied with their answers?

Note – all candidates on the ballot were invited to join the program, Peg Stefandel declined the invitation, and referred voters back to her appearance on episode 55.

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