BHOL 77: Chris Spangle – North Korea Propaganda, Hooters, and Chase’s New Shirt

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Episode 77 features We Are Libertarian’s own Dear Leader, Chris Spangle. Chris runs and founded the WAL network that syndicates Boss Hog of Liberty. He stopped by to record the first episode in the brand new studio, made possible by our Patreon donors.

Chris and Dakota talk about the reason Hooters restraunt is not performing well with Millennials. Is it really because men our age dont like women the same as generations before us? Or are Millennial men more respectful of women because of the #MeToo era we live in? Dakota thinks that the buffalo shrimp is lacking. What do you think?

Jeremiah and Chris talk about the rise of podcasts and Chris’s new show, The Chris Spangle Show. CSS is a daily, center of the spectum news show. This week, Chris may have accidentally been involved in a North Korean Propaganda photo shoot. The story is hilarious, listen as Chris recounts his moment of horror in Indianapolis.

Finally, we are joined by Chase Peyton and Kade Koger. Chase had the most offensive shirt printed that he could think of. If he thought our “baby boomer” fans disliked him before, just wait until you see this.


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