BHOL 56: Lamb for Congress – Tariffs/Wars – NFL Draft

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Episode 56 of Boss Hog of Liberty is now available!
Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are joined by Chase Peyton in the third chair, and Congressional Candidate Jonathan Lamb returns for his second appearance.

Dakota is providing updates on the sports desk as the 1st round of the NFL draft happens. Jeremiah is devastated as the Bronco’s selected Chubb. Chase is equally sad when the Colts stole his Nelson, the guard he wanted for his Bears. Dakota is indifferent as always.

Jonathan Lamb tells us about his grassroots campaign, putting more than 30,000 miles on his Chevy Pickup crossing 18 counties in eastern Indiana. Jonathan is running in a race for an open seat, but is facing a crowded field that includes the brother of our Vice President. We talk about wars, Syrian conflict, tariffs, debt, 10th amendment, the war on drugs, jails, and much more.

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