BHOL 42: Sean Row – Jury Selection – Space X – Sunday Sales – Snake Josh McDaniels

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Episode 42 features returning featured guest Sean Row. Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are joined by regular co-host Kade Koger. They discuss Super Bowl prop bets, Dakota’s Rock Star status at council meetings.

We speak with Sean about his work in the public defender role. Learning that he might have 40 cases at one time. However only 1-2 a year go to trial. We also dig deep into jury selection and the importance of filling out the questionnaires that are mailed in advance.
We continue to track Sunday Sales, CBD Oil, and Industrial Hemp as it tracks through the Indiana Statehouse, and hopefully landing on the Governor’s desk.

Jeremiah seethes over Josh McDaniel’s making the Indianapolis Colts look like fools and taking joy in the Eagles beating the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

Big discussions Space X and the work of Elon Musk in a possibly post NASA world with space travel and exploration.
This week is the filing deadline for the old parties, so we notate our local candidates that are in the mix for seats. Boss Hog of Liberty will follow these races through November and bring the candidates through the show to learn about what they view the issues to be.
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