BHOL 41: Mark Rutherford & The State of the Union

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Episode 41 features Mark Rutherford. An attorney from Indianapolis, he serves as the chairman of the Indiana Public Defender Commission, appointed by the Governor. Mark recently announced that he is a candidate for Secretary of State. We discuss the issues that the Secretary of State and how electing a Libertarian would make a difference in that office.

Sitting in the guest chair is Chris Guffey, who was one of the earliest super fans of the Boss Hog of Liberty podcast. Chris’s claims to fame are being a veteran, and was one of the first to climb the infamous mosquito hill last summer. When he is not at the gym, you can find him volunteering at Saved Games in New Castle.

Topics include the State of the Union address, with clips from President Trump, Rep. Kennedy, and LP Chairman Nick Sarwark. Also a brief update on local wind ordinances and a major agriculture/industrial hemp bill that is working through the Indiana General Assembly.

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