BHOL 350: City is short 10 million bucks; Embezzlement Scandal in Clark County

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Episode 350 of Boss Hog of Liberty is out!

Jeremiah Morrell, Jesse Riddle, and Zach Burcham are our hosts today. The City of New Castle has found itself with a 10 million dollar shortfall, and the issue seems to be around health insurance funds. The Mayor plans to “trim the fat” and get things under control. Earlier this spring the city borrowed a little over 3 million dollars to meet immediate expenses.

The other big story is from Clark County Indiana, where there very politically connected former Sheriff has been jailed, and is awaiting trial for multiple felonies. We try to untangle the story…It is the most wild corruption story in our shows history. How did this happen under the nose of all of the local government officials?

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