BHOL 302: Indy 500 Preview; Who will win? Place your bets!

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Episode 302 of Boss Hog of Liberty is out!

The 6th annual Indy 500 Preview episode is released! Jeremiah Morrell & Zach Burcham are your hosts, Forrest Plank, Mike McKown, and Blake McKown are the expert panel, Dakota Davis is our producer! 350,000 people are about to land in Speedway Indiana. Historic month of May…Drama in who makes the field, the last minute injury fill in, and who we predict to win the race! Jeremiah had a great weekend predicting the pole and bumped cars last weekend. Blake nailed the winner last year. Who will have the perfect prediction this time…Note – Tony Kanaan is ON SALE on DraftKings this year.

Give this episode a download and get race ready!

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