BHOL 295: Tornado hits McCormick’s Creek; Tax bills arrived; 911 Fees to go up?

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Episode 295 of Boss Hog of Liberty is out! Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are your hosts. Zach Burcham is back in the producer’s chair. Andrew Bowman has made the long journey over from Brazil, Indiana to be with us. Spring storms have started hitting Indiana, and many communities got hit. McCormick’s Creek State Park took an F3 tornado directly into the campground, killing two campers, and shutting the park down indefinitely. We discuss the personal responsibility vs DNR responsibility for warning, safety, and general tree maintenance. As there have been reports of other dead trees falling and damaging campers in parks.

The second half of the show is around tax season. Property tax bills hit mailboxes, and there is some sticker shock. We try to talk our way through how it happened and what taxpayers can do about it. Additionally, there is a pending shortfall in 911 funding, and potentially a new income tax coming along to pay for it. Jeremiah wants to know what happens to the 911 tax money that everyone already pays? 

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