BHOL 28: Justin Stevens – Road Taxes – Trumps Tax Plan

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Episode 28 of Boss Hog of Liberty.

Jeremiah Morrell, Dakota Davis, and Clay Morgan are joined by Justin Stevens of Americans for Prosperity this week.
The guys catch up about Dakota’s new haircut from MVP. They talk about the home improvement projects at Dakota’s house, Jeremiah’s terrible luck with shirts. Both attended outdoor weddings in sub 40 degree temperatures.

Clay had a high profile visitor in the shop today.
In depth conversations with Justin about state gas taxes, why they were added, and the reasons they are troubling. The potential of tolling Indiana’s interstates is also discussed and the 53 billion dollars that the government is considering raising over 30 years by doing so.

The house republicans have announced their tax proposal and Justin weighs in on it.

Tune in for a very fun, and very informative episode of Boss Hog of Liberty.

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