BHOL 253: Joey Mulinaro in the house / Indy 500 & Kentucky Derby

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Episode 253 of Boss Hog of Liberty is out! 

Jeremiah Morrell, Chase Peyton, Zach Burcham, Joey Mulinaro, Kyle Robbins, and new face Grayson Jolsin are in the building to talk about the Kentucky Derby, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, F1 reaction from Miami, Zach’s completion of the mini marathon and much more. Joey owns a horse that ran at the derby this weekend, he and Conor Daly are hosting a live podcast with Indy 500 champ Alex Rossi and 500 pole sitter James Hinchcliffe on May 16th in Indy, and there is a special opportunity to win a suite pass for this weekend’s race with Joey atop the IMS Pagoda. And we can’t wait to play in Joey’s new motorhome from Mt Comfort RV all month long.

As always a fun episode, worth every moment of your time!

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