BHOL 233: Sean Row; Biden is unpopular; agenda is falling apart; Clay Morgan Resigns

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Episode 233 of Boss Hog of Liberty is out! Jeremiah Morrell, Dakota Davis, and Zach Burcham are your all too familiar voices. Our featured guest is the returning Liberty Defender, Sean Row.

Indiana taxpayers are getting $125 back in a few months. Does it feel like anything, when we were getting $2400 chunks in 2020? The Biden administration is struggling in the polls. The 2 trillion dollar “Build Back Better” plan has stalled. Student loan forgiveness has not happened; payments are set to resume in February.

We have been talking about autonomous cars…NBC has a new show, and the pilot episode has an autonomous car that doesn’t work! Is “American Auto” going to be a must watch show?

Late breaking news, County Councilman Clay Morgan has resigned, and there will be a caucus in early 2022 to replace him.

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