BHOL 230: Mills in Studio; Riddle's war on Dogs; Thanksgiving preview; MerkerMark Art

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Episode 230 of Boss Hog of LIberty is out! Jeremiah Morrell, Jesse Riddle, Mark Fultz, Zach Burcham, and surprise guest Councilwoman Betsy Mills are in the studio.

Betsy had a huge night kicking off her campaign for State Representative in Knightstown on Thursday night. Jeremiah thinks he heard a key endorsement during the announcement. We talk about the opportunity for the district 54 race over the next 6-12 months.

Jesse is upset over emotional support pets being treated the same as service animals. Mark has some custom artwork available for Christmas on his etsy page! Jeremiah thinks Thanksgiving is the superior holiday. Are there regional thanksgiving meals that we didn’t know about?

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