BHOL 191: Biden is President; Sean Row to defend Trump? $15 Minimum Wage; Student Loans forgiven?

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Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are your hosts for the 191st edition of Boss Hog of Liberty. Liberty defender Sean Row is our featured guest, and rumored to be headed to DC to defend Trump during the impeachment trial. Celebrity producer this week is Zachary Burcham.

Joe Biden was inaugurated, Pence and Trump left in their own unique ways. We talk about the 17 new executive orders and what they might actually mean. Jeremiah makes a case that the Presidency is too powerful and executive orders are terrible governing. Biden has big plans for another $1400 or as Sean says, another $2000 in Bernie Bucks. By the way, the BERNIE MEMES are off the charts today. Stole the thunder of the inauguration. Somehow we are debating a $15 minimum wage as pandemic relief that won’t come into place for 5 years? And will student loans actually get forgiven?
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