BHOL 170: Joey Mulinaro of Barstool Sports

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Jeremiah Morrell is joined by Zachary Burcham and Chase Peyton in the Co-host chairs, Dakota was on essential duty assignment. Chris Guffey returned to his producer’s chair.

We are joined by our long time friend Joey Mulinaro of Barstool Sports. We talk about his incredible year, impressions, being “drafted” by Barstool, and much more.

There is a little mask talk, how it affects sports…Indy 500 is a month away and it is happening. Will be the largest gathering of humans since the pandemic started. ALL of the sports are going at once. Is this the new golden age in sports? NBA, NFL, MLB, Racing, NHL all at the same moment?

And we are all really happy we got to shower. Turns out a city is desperate for clean water. BHOL land found that out this week.

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