BHOL 17: Test Results, Party Recap, Show’s Future, Charlottesville

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Episode 17 of the Boss Hog of Liberty is a great, fast moving show. Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are joined by Audrey Jo Peavie.

The boys skipped a week and appeared on the big We Are Libertarians show. Go back and check that out if you want their hot takes on North Korea.

In a surprise turn of efficiency, the DNA test results from episode 16 are already back! Turns out that Jeremiah and Audrey are 100% European. Dakota, is a little more interesting. Shalom, Dakota.

They cover the most recent summer pool party, turns out Dakota has been dreaming (nightmares) about Jeremiah. They went on a double date to the bowling alley and Aldi’s grocery store.

Dakota covers his big plans for a new studio and ways to take the show to the next level.

For real content, the crew discusses the events of Charlottesville, Virginia and the Alt Right / Trumps response.

Well worth listening to this one.
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