BHOL 144: 21 and over Tobacco – The VICE Episode

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Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are your hosts!

It is a host only episode. Talking about the changes in “vice laws”. Under the cover of impeachment darkness, the federal government snuck changing the tobacco age from 18 to 21 into a “must pass” spending bill. Without real detail, the FDA changed the rules, without grandfathering in those who were already legal. Mason Rottinghaus reports his troubles.

Illinois just legalized marijuana, Indiana has table games and dealers at the Racinos, including our neighboring Anderson casino. Massive regulation just came down on the vape community, but local mom and pops were carved out.
Mayor Pete called decriminalizing all drugs. Quite an interesting week for personal liberty.

Chase Peyton, and Chris Guffey are finally facebook friends, after the NFL Fantasy Football season concluded.

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