BHOL 124: Mooreland Free Fair – TANSTAAFL?

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Boss Hog of Liberty live at the Mooreland Free Fair!
Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are your hosts. Mason Rottinghaus completes his internship!

Friday night at the fair. Lots of distractions, ambient noise, and interruptions! We talk about the concept of “TANSTAAFL” at the “Free Fair”. Jeremiah had a fun meetup with Rex Bell, Chris Guffey, and Nick Sarwark the Libertarian National Chairman! Right here in east central indiana at the Dairy in Hagerstown. He is moving to New Hampshire for the Free State Project.

Jeremiah bought some ghost pepper pickles. Every DROP was consumed over the course of the show.

Mason does the man on the street interviews looking for free food and anyone who has a story. Lisa Catron stopped by with an albino cucumber. And lots lots more!

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