BHOL 113: David vs Goliath at Indianapolis – Should anything be guaranteed?

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Episode 113 of Boss Hog of Liberty is now available!

Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are your hosts. Indy 500 preview episode!
Full breakdown of the Indy 500 field, the absolute david vs goliath of Juncos making the race and McLaren missing it. Zach Burcham and Mike McKown are back again with the full insider breakdown. We give the breakdown to Chris Guffey on what to expect in his first experience.

Matt Peiffer joins us as a first year “yellow shirt” for the track and tells us about his experiences. Matt is also working with Indiana Department of Child Services, raising money for youth in the foster care program. Jeremiah and Sara found a “ten dollar” outfit, but it was incomplete. You can participate by clicking here: #InTheirShoes –
Finally – we get the FULL breakdown of the betting odd, and there are some gentlemens wagers on the winners. Jeremiah thinks Jack Harvey is a STEAL at 200-1.

Go enjoy Memorial Day!

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