AuthorPhyllis Klosinski

Phyllis Klosinski is a lifelong inhabitant of Indiana from Mishawaka and has made Brown County her home for the last 40 years. As a wife, mother, grandmother, caregiver and homeowner Phyllis has experienced a full range of governmental changes imposing authority over the daily lives of individuals and their Sovereign Rights. She has actively opposed State and Special taxing units and continues to object to unauthorized legislated Indiana power at all levels of government.


Klosinski: The Shell Game

The Shell Game An Article V Constitutional Convention has once again become the solution the Indiana General Assembly under the direction of Senate...


Klosinski: Because I Said So

BECAUSE I SAID SO Most of us have heard this many times. It means there is no further need for explanation and no permission to question simply an...


Klosinski: On Marriage

Is Personal Freedom Derived from the consent of the government under controls of the government defined by Constitutional powers of the government? ...