Where is Phyllis Klosinski?

By: Phyllis Klosinski Recently We Are Libertarians went live for call-in questions during their weekly podcast. I hope they will continue live call-ins, perhaps on a monthly basis. Although I disappeared from the political scene due to the lack of public engagement I still monitor certain activist posts. Upon receiving notice of the live WAL […]

Klosinski: Sovereignty and an Angry Doctor

For several years I have been fortunate to have opinions published by the Indiana Libertarian Party and now by a non-political group; We Are Libertarians in which I review legislation from a perspective outside of “political experience.” Both of these groups are known to be consisted of individuals at various levels of libertarian beliefs. So when […]

Klosinski: The Shell Game

The Shell Game An Article V Constitutional Convention has once again become the solution the Indiana General Assembly under the direction of Senate Pro Tem David Long is insisting that it is the only viable option to limiting federal over reach. I have been asked by WAL to explain why a Constitutional Convention would be […]

Klosinski: Because I Said So

BECAUSE I SAID SO Most of us have heard this many times. It means there is no further need for explanation and no permission to question simply an absolute declaratory act. Now the government has recalled into use a “sophisticated, legal jargon” way of saying the same thing called “compelling government interest”. Let us consider […]

Klosinski: On Marriage

Is Personal Freedom Derived from the consent of the government under controls of the government defined by Constitutional powers of the government?  OR Is Personal Freedom in Indiana an Individual Sovereign Right protected by Constitutional provisions?   In 2011 I wrote a review published by LPIN about then proposed   HJR-6, stating:  “ If you think Indiana […]

Klosinski: Despite What They Say, SB 400 Is Not About Nullification

When it is a requirement to give words their common ordinary defined meaning? When is non-compliant interpretation of the technical defined meaning tolerable? When will you allow your government or others to substitute exact meaning with a “version” of fact? SB 400 has been purported to be Nullification.  If individuals are to truly exercise Sovereign […]