601: Nuclear Energy & the Future Nuclear-Based Power – Nuclear Solutions for Energy Independence & Planetary Prosperity

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On today’s episode, we’re going back into the archives as we listen to my conversation with Mark Schneider on the future of nuclear energy.

Nuclear energy is one of the most controversial energy sources in modern society. Supporters claim it’s clean and cheap, while detractors point to safety concerns and nuclear waste as reasons why it should be phased out. But what do we actually know about nuclear energy? Is there a future for it? And what are some alternatives that might help us achieve a cleaner, more sustainable world?

Original Show Notes (July 2021):

Many people are turning away from conventional power, and opting for sustainable solutions. Nuclear power plants may not be spiking headlines, but they are being eyed as a viable option for the future.

The future of nuclear energy production is in strong hands because unlike many other aspects of life, nuclear power is an option that will ALWAYS be needed.

Mark Schneider joins the program to help show how the advancements in nuclear energy have created solutions that answer the questions of climate change, energy independence, and planetary prosperity.

But what about the common objections we hear about nuclear energy?

Are nuclear power plants safe? Are nuclear power plants efficient? Are nuclear power plants bad for the environment? Can nuclear waste be recycled?

Mark answers and overcomes all those objections (and more) on today’s information-packed episode of The Brian Nichols Show!

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