360: The Path to Libertarianism – Answering Miranda’s Questions

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Miranda is new to libertarianism and has some questions about politics and philosophy. In this first episode in our new Path to Libertarianism series, Chris Spangle answers Miranda’s questions about running third-party, gerrymandering, age of consent laws, monetary policy without the government, how the environment would be protected in the absence of the EPA, and how to talk to friends without sounding crazy.

  • 00:13:10 – Question 1: Why is there a two-party system?
  • 00:38:56 – Where does libertarianism come from?
  • 00:55:10 – Age of Consent
  • 01:09:41 – How would money work without the Federal government?
  • 01:22:35 – How would we protect the environment in a libertarian society?
  • 01:34:40 – Is discrimination ok in a libertarian society?
  • 01:57:00 – How to spread libertarianism without pissing off friends

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