349: Surviving R Kelly, Human Trafficking, and Domestic Violence

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Chris Spangle and Maranda Barnett are joined by Shaunestte Terrell who works as a Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Resource Prosecutor for the Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Council and Lael Hill, a victims’s advocate. Surviving R Kelly has opened up a discussion of the red flags of human trafficking and domestic violence found in the beginning of relationships. Maranda opens up about her experiences as a child and adult to help both men and women avoid sexual and domestic violence. What are the challenges of leaving a bad situation or prosecuting an abuse case? How can one help a friend or loved one struggling with being the abuser or abused in a current situation or working through past trauma? Please take a listen or share this with a friend or family member.

Video: youtu.be/g28QXZ-WE-c

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