333: The History of Impeachment

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Chris Spangle and Tad Western give the definition and history of impeachment. What does it take to impeach a President? How do past events relate to today’s politics? We give the history of the Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton impeachments and compare the parallels to the discussion around impeaching Donald Trump.

Show Notes: wearelibertarians.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/The-History-of-Impeachment.pdf

Time Stamps:

  • 00:12:26 – Definition of Impeachment
  • 00:42:16 – Impeachment of Andrew Johnson
  • 01:04:35 – Clinton Impeachment – Whitewater
  • 01:39:37 – Clinton Impeachment – Treatment of Susan McDougal by Special Counsel
  • 01:58:07 – Clinton Impeachment – Press Behavior
  • 02:09:11 – Clinton Impeachment – Paula Jones/Monica Lewinsky Overview
  • 02:22:19 – Clinton Impeachment – Timeline of Events
  • 02:31:05 – Clinton Impeachment – Treatment of Monica Lewinsky by Special Counsel
  • 02:47:04 – Clinton Impeachment – Timeline of Events

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