328: The Definitive 2018 Midterm Elections Breakdown

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Chris Spangle and Hodey Johns give you every possible detail about the 2018 Midterm Elections you might need. We begin by breaking down the notable Libertarian Party candidates and analyze their results including Larry Sharpe, Gary Johnson, and Nicholas Sarwark. We then cover the major takeaways for all of the parties by looking at the House, Senate, and Gubernatorial races. Finally, we dig deep into exit polling to see what trends are happening in the American electorate and what lessons Libertarians can learn from it.

Show Notes


Time Stamps

  • Should you vote? – 00:17:22
  • Recap of Libertarian Races – 00:25:03
  • Will Libertarians become “corrupt”? – 01:02:13
  • Overview of House, Senate and Governors – 01:21:40
  • Exit Polling Review – 01:56:22

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