WAL 308: Lyin’ Lester Holt and the Creation of a Smear

We Are Libertarians

Chris Spangle and Harry Price break down a fake news story on the NBC Nightly News about Alex Jones and explain why this matters. We then explain why all punches are equal and what is the Non-Aggression Principle?

Show Notes and Links: wearelibertarians.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/308-WALNewsPublic.pdf

  • Lyin’ Lester Holt and Alex Jones – [00:09:20]
  • Overcast bans Alex Jones and NRATV [01:01:43]
  • Robert Spencer and Jihad Watch Banned from Patreon due to MasterCard [01:09:44]
  • Path to Libertarianism: Not all punches are equal? Non-Aggression Principle – [01:24:30]
  • Undercovered News – [01:52:51]
  • Joshua Smith wastes the LNC’s time – [02:00:00]

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