307: Cost of Bernie Sander’s Medicare for All, Death Penalty, Torture

Chris Spangle and Harry Price break down the cost of Bernie Sander’s Medicare for All and fact check if the Koch Brother’s proved $2 Trillion in savings, cover a man that died a gruesome death from an execution in Tennessee, Gina Haspel’s torture memos get released, and we debut Undercovered News.

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Medicare For All

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“I subscribed b/c Mr. Spangle seems like a reasonable guy to spread the word of liberty. I like that he doesn’t engage in purity tests. I like that he puts forth an effort to learn before the show.” – Scott Smith

Billy Ray Irick Dies Painful Death in Tennessee

Gina Haspel Memos Released

Natural Rights

Undercovered News

Media plus government equals

I tried to boil down things we see in media and what the government sells us and I think I found a common thread between most stories. I have been watching the news lately from the right and left and the common theme seems to me to be; fear, safety and security are in jeopardy, outrage, willful blindness of inconsistency, and dehumanization or lack of empathy. I would say close to 80 percent of stories I saw the news pushing had one or more of these themes. All of the above mentioned themes of the news cycle and government policy reflect these tendencies, which don’t require much thought to understand the scope of the argument that one side is pushing. Nuance has no place in this day and age for the average person. You go to the sites you trust because they reinforce your beliefs and you don’t have to go through with the death of your ego in light of new information. Honestly this may sound kinda dumb and far-fetched but I heard a podcast with a psychiatrist who looked objectively at where the culture was going and said that the reason we are heading this way was the deification of self-esteem and happiness over reason and purpose. – Grant Hendley

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