305: Alex Jones Gets Deplatformed, Dems Want Social Media Regulation, Death Penalty

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Chris Spangle and Harry Price share their controversial opinion on the mass deletion of InfoWars and Alex Jones from social media, Democrats circulate a plan to regulate the internet and social companies, we ask why Austin Peterson lost, and Brian Nichols calls in to discuss the libertarian position on the Death Penalty. Become a WAL Patron to hear our bonus episode on Chris’s attendance of Podcast Movement. Learn more at wearelibertarians.com/.


  • 5:40 – Alex Jones Deplatformed
  • 52:30 – Democrats Release Plan to Regulate the Internet
  • 1:15:40 – Austin Petersen Loses in Missouri
  • 1:21:08 – Path to Libertarianism – The Death Penalty with Brian Nichols

Show Notes: wearelibertarians.com/305-alex-jones-gets-deplatformed-dems-want-social-media-regulation-death-penalty/

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