294: Separation of Immigrant Children at the Border

Chris Spangle and Harry Price discuss what is actually happening at the border and how libertarians ought to approach the issue of both immigration and child separation.

Show Notes

1. Recap the story with WaPo and Vox.

2. How should we view government and policy? What are the values we care about as a country? This isn’t an immigration story.
Every time you vote, it is imperative to understand the human cost of the policies that are enacted. Yes, individuals choose their behavior, but governments set up environments with perverse incentives.

3. How did we get here?
– The US government begins a war on drugs in the 1970s because Nixon wants to weaken his political enemies, specifically dope smokers and blacks. This policy causes gangs to profit off of a black market like alcohol prohibition in the 1930s. The military interventions by the US in the 1980’s destabilize Central and South American countries further. Populations reject colonialism by electing populist dictators that promise to solve their ills. Instead, these dictators are bought off by cartels. Massive amounts of cash lead to massive amounts of weapons, which leads to violence.
– Illegal immigrants operate on the black market for drugs because they cant get work legally. They get locked up in prisons with Bloods, Crips, and White Supremacist gangs.
– The Latin Kings and MS-13 are created to protect themselves. They serve their time and get sent back to their home countries. They take over the country like cockroaches. MS-13 was started in LA by a group of Salvadorans in the 1980’s.
– Legalizing weed then starves the cartels, so they turn to human trafficking as that black market grows in the last decade.
– For decades, immigrants to America were mostly young men trying to find work so they can send money home. Now it is largely families, women, and children fleeing violence while avoiding involvement in gangs or slavery. Pre-teen girls migrate to avoid grooming gangs. Most choose America because of our economy and security. Leaving their home makes them social pariahs in their hometown or marks them or family members for further violence.
– Now we are turning our back on them. Asylum
– When we do admit them, we abuse them. Detention.

4. Moral Corrosion
‪The most disturbing thing about the child separation issue is that immigrants aren’t human beings to a large portion of this country. Patriotism doesn’t require seeing people from other nations as “others” or less than. That’s sociopathic.

Empathy is part of American exceptionalism‬. The government does evil things on a regular basis and it’s an extension of us, paid for by us, carried out by Americans, but shouldn’t be accepted when discovered. Ending evil and bringing liberty and safety are key parts of what makes America great in the scope of history.

Beauracracy stories.

Useful Idiots supporting

6. What Is So Different About These Immigrants?
“We don’t need to let all these different cultures in this country.” You mean LATIN Americans with the Catholic culture? Literally the same languages, religion, and bloodline as Europeans? Can’t let all these religious pro-lifers with an entrepreneurial spirit in.

Human Beings

7. Future of this policy
Trump just walked off his most popular initiative in the North Korea summit only to shoot himself in the foot due to the way he chooses to enforce this law. (Yes, this existed previously but he has been much more aggressive with it. If he thought it was immoral, he could end it.) If I were a Republican, I would be so tired of losing.

Fox News Poll

8. To the Left:
I’ve repeatedly said that Democrats and the media should tone down the hyperbole over petty Trump dramas that don’t matter because there will come a time when something is genuinely wrong and no one will care because every day is a new overblown BS issue.

To all of the liberals and media members that think every word or action from Trump is LITERALLY HITLER… Thanks. You’re a central cause of most people dismissing AP fact checks and shrugging at childhood trauma being weaponized to “own the libs.”

Crafting public opinion carries life and death consequences, and no one is taking it seriously.

9. To the Right:
Trump is a person without character. He may do things that I like, but the moral cost of supporting someone wholesale that does immoral things leads one to a place of immoral beliefs. Arguing for state terror against immigrants by separating 2000 kids from their parents would be what I have been talking about. That is the administration’s number since starting their zero-tolerance policy crafted by Stephen Miller.

Should we enforce laws, yes. Should we do it in an immoral way? No. Traumatizing children to send a message to citizens in other nations is an immoral act. The morality doesn’t change because a government or a law says it’s ok. It’s contrary to the idea of American exceptionalism. Yes, previous administrations had similar policies, but this has been taken to a new level, hence the outrage. It isn’t just because Trump is President. Do some basic research.

If your values change because your party is in the White House, then they aren’t values. True principles are constants that are used to correct the entropy of human behavior. When you use the Bible, the most significant instrument of human liberty to justify terror, you’re lost.

7. Opinions on Borders
Look at the cruelty of closed borders.

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