WAL Daily 6: Four Tips for Libertarians When Talking to People They Disagree With

We Are Libertarians

Brian Nichols gives 4 Tips for Libertarians When Talking to People They Disagree With.

WAL Daily 5: Tough Questions – Who Speaks for the Trees?

We Are Libertarians

Hodey Johns and Paul Copeland get you the answer on why libertarians are better on the issue of environmental preservation and protection than anybody else. Listen in and find out how the government uses the EPA to extort money to damage the environment and how libertarians can offer a better protection in keeping your water and air clean.

WAL Daily 4: Filibuster and Cloture

We Are Libertarians

Rhinehold sits down to take a look at the history of the Filibuster and Cloture votes, dispelling some myths along the way.

BHOL 81: Jeanine Lee Lake – Challenging the VP’s Brother

Boss Hog of Liberty


Episode 81 of Boss Hog of Liberty is now available!

Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis continue the fan favorite candidate series with Jeannine Lee Lake, candidate for Congress. Tonight’s episode is sponsored by Big Bounce of New Castle. In the co-host seat is New Castle City Councilman, Aaron Dicken.

We learn about Jeanine’s interest in politics, the chance meeting with David Letterman and how it helped power her to a win in a crowded primary. This race has been marked by a lack of public appearances and debates by the GOP nominee, Greg Pence, seeking to fill the seat once held by his brother, Vice President Mike Pence.

Topics include transparency, energy, education, civil liberties, civil rights, agriculture, tariffs, and much more!

Note – all candidates on the ballot were invited to join the program, Tom Ferkinhoff will be joining us next week. Greg Pence has declined our invitation, but if their campaign changes their mind, our door is always open.

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More information about the Lake campaign is available at: jeannineleelakeforcongress.com/

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WAL 321: A Case for Open Borders, Wasted Vote Arguments, Hillary Clinton Gaslights America

We Are Libertarians

Chris Spangle and Harry Price give some libertarian arguments for open borders, destroy the wasted vote argument with facts, and then point out the stunning hypocrisy of Hillary Clinton.

WAL Daily 3: The Advancement of In Vitro Fertilization

We Are Libertarians

Sarah Brady Wagner and Hodey Johns discuss where we’re at with In Vitro Fertilization, what the future looks like, and why libertarians should stay one step ahead of the government in regulating it. We also examine when life begins and other matters that effect those who don’t plan on utilizing IVF.

WAL Daily 2: Should You Vote Libertarian Party in Swing Senate Races?

We Are Libertarians

Chris Spangle talks to Lucy Brenton, the Libertarian Party US Senate candidate about her tightening race. Should libertarians vote for the Republican to keep Democrats from getting a majority in the Senate? Is casting a vote for a Libertarian a wasted vote? Where does she stand on major issues, including how she’d vote for Brett Kavanaugh. Listen to hear her answers. Visit her website here: www.lucyforsenate.com/

WAL 320: Kavanaugh, The End

We Are Libertarians

Chris Spangle and Rhinehold tie up the loose ends of the Kavanaugh story. Why does Kavanaugh’s record disqualify him regardless of Ford’s accusation? What lasting effect will his nomination have on politics? Did Ford and Kavanaugh both perjure themselves, and does it matter? Listen and find out.

Show Notes:

Ben Swann: 3 Constitutional Reasons Why Kavanaugh Should Not Be On Supreme Court

Reality Check

“The circus that has surrounded the Bret Kavanaugh nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court has been drowned out by36-year-old, uncorroborated accusations of sexual harassment. But the truth is that Kavanaugh’s record demonstrates that he is not a constitutionalist and has acted as an enemy to the 4th and 5th Amendments. Let’s give it a Reality Check. Be sure to check out our sponsor SmartCash at smartcash.cc

BNS 39: Irreconcilable Politics: Our Rights Under a Just Government with Michael T. Hutchins

Brian Nichols Show


On today’s episode of The Brian Nichols Show, I am joined by Michael T. Hutchins, author of Irreconcilable Politics: Our Rights Under a Just Government. Michael was trained as an economist and has over thirty years of experience in finance. Much of his career was in investment banking at Salomon Brothers and UBS. He is currently the executive vice president at Freddie Mac, responsible for the investments and capital markets division. Hutchins earned his PhD in economics from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

In Irreconcilable Politics, Michael explores successful models in which differing political views exist yet do not impinge on agreements being reached, and also dissects the dynamics of modern social decision-making.

Listen as we discuss the theory of “collectivity,” needed reform to government structure, and modern social decision-making in the 21st century. Later, we discuss the concepts of voluntary government and the interrelationship between political ideology and centralized governmental decisions.

We conclude by taking a closer look at collective rules, services, and decisions, and why voting, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press are not in and of themselves sufficient control rights for citizens of a diverse country like the United States and discuss how our divided nation struggling to reach political agreement and how the structure of the federal and state governments interfere with this effort.

Find Michael Hutchins Online: www.mikehut.com/

Purchase Irreconcilable Politics: Our Rights Under a Just Government: www.amazon.com/Irreconcilable-Politics-Rights-Under-Government-ebook/dp/B07F17WT6C

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This month, The Brian Nichols Show is sponsored by “Stay Away From the Libertarians!”, written by friend of The Brian Nichols Show; Remso Martinez. In Stay Away From the Libertarians!, Martinez leads us on a journey through the many myths surrounding libertarians, explores the libertarian worldview, and debunks these preconceived notions one by one, in a humorous (but thorough) manner. Stay Away from the Libertarians! has received rave reviews, from The LoConservative, The Daily Wire, Blast Off! With Johnny Rocket, the Lions of Liberty, and of course, yours truly, Brian Nichols, here from The Brian Nichols Show.

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