What is a Libertarian?

This is the question on the lips of so many of your family and friends. A Presidential Election season is the one time of year your loved ones will allow you to speak about politics without rolling your eyes. 

But what happens when you don’t have the answer? We Are Libertarians exists for this crucial moment. We want to prepare you to have answers when talking to others about politics and libertarian ideas. 

What are the different arguments made by libertarians around a particular issue? What are our principles? And how can you share this information easily and quickly? 

The main show and brand are often in the weeds, long, and discuss multiple angles of a news story. Sometimes we might embarrass you in front of others! It’s a 300 level class, and you need a 100 level class. We wanted to build something optimized for sharing with friends and family. That’s why we made Liberty Explained. 

This project is for sharing. Change takes courage. It requires us to get out of our comfort zones and share the message so desperately needed for our age. If you won’t, then who will? 

We have your back and will keep creating the content you need to change hearts and minds effectively. Please keep sharing. 1If you need anything in particular let me know at spangle@wearelibertarians.com

In Liberty,

Chris Spangle

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