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In just over 24 hours, a recent episode hit 3,000 downloads. This is the most significant 24-hour number we’ve ever had. Podcasts take time to grow in download numbers, and we are beginning to peak at 13,000. On Election Day 2016, our downloads peaked at 3000 an episode over all time. It is incredible growth, and it is a reflection of the hard work of everyone in WAL.

In November of last year, I considered ending the show. I wasn’t sure where to take it. I rededicated myself to the show, to prepping endlessly for each episode, and making sure that every episode leaves you with an “Aha” moment. I am glad I didn’t because the community built around our PatreonFacebook Groups, and Discord have made this my favorite year of WAL. If you haven’t joined, get in on the fun now.

Below, I will tell you what we are working on, but first I want to share with you what We Are Libertarians means to listeners like you as shared in via email. If this show ended, then we would have missed out on impacting these lives:

“Thank you again for continuing to put out excellent content. More than many other podcasts that I’ve listened to, yours is engaging, interesting, and thoughtful.” – Joshua

“Your podcast has added remarkable value to my life; thank you!” – Eric

“I started listening to the podcast somewhere in the 30’s. And, I’ve listened to the entire catalog. I got really nervous that the podcast would end after the episode when your wife left you. I’d had so many “AHA!” moments listening to you explain ideas that I hadn’t been able to fully form or articulate that I panicked a little thinking about how I would keep learning. And, you’d challenged a lot of my natural instincts – both politically and in my personal life.

And, that’s the thing that really stands out for me about your podcast. You’ve literally helped me become a better person, husband, and father by helping understand the complexities of people. It’s OK that my children may not believe the same way I do. And, it’s OK to be vulnerable to my wife. And, it’s OK to be honest with my co-workers about struggles that I’m facing.

I’ve become more open about my feelings. I’ve become more patient with my children. And, in general, you’ve helped me feel more at peace with my self by helping me accept my own unique flaws.” – Jason

Receiving notes like this is truly humbling. WAL was always a hobby. It was a way to meet up with friends on a weekly basis and talk politics. I’ve been sharing my life with listeners, building a community around libertarianism, and trying to move people towards a free society by making them think. It was a surprise to all of us that it has meant something. It has rededicated us in these past few months to meet your expectations. With Patreon subscribers, we want to make sure there is value for the hard-earned dollars shared with us.

A Patreon subscription is what ensures this podcast continues. 

Without it, I could not afford to keep the show, network, and community afloat. We are just too successful for this to remain a hobby. So what are the details of our Patreon program?

What a Patreon subscription does:

What We Are Working On:

  • On August 1, my new personal assistant will start. They will be tasked with managing the Patreon community and assisting with behind the scenes stuff. This will free me up for more show prep.
  • We are hiring graphic designers for our new store launching soon.
  • We are upgrading our video. We will broadcast one stream to the big Facebook for a short segment of each episode for promotion and another multi-camera shoot to the Patrons.

What You Get:

  • $5 and up gets bonus content not heard on the main feed that is loaded up in CD quality audio.
  • $10 and up gets access to the live video stream and chat during the episode plus admittance to our exclusive Facebook group.
  • $25 and up gets one a poster and a discount in the upcoming store.
  • $100 a month gets you exclusive access to Dear Leader and the opportunity to come on the show!
  • The ability to amplify your voice to explain libertarianism to tens of thousands across our platforms.

For many new libertarians, We Are Libertarians is the first podcast they hear. We are on the front lines of spreading the libertarian message, and we are growing because libertarians like yourself amplify your voice by giving us more resources. Please partner with us to continue to impact the world for personal freedom.

– Chris Spangle

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