WAL Mixtape Series: Chris Spangle


Want to know more about the We Are Libertarians  squad? Recently, WAL Contributors were asked to name their Top 20 Song Favorites. Explore the list. Which Contributor’s Mixtape would you ride to?

1. “Sprawl II” Arcade Fire
2. “Best I Ever Had” Gary Allan
3. “Whiskey Lullaby” Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss
4. “Gimme the Loot” The Notorious BIG
5. “Ohio” Neil Young
6. “Almost Cut My Hair” CSNY
7. “God Only Knows” The Beach Boys
8. “Hey Jude” The Beatles
9. “In the Pines” Bill Monroe
10. “Highway of Sorrow” Tim O’Brien
11. “Voodoo Child” Jimi Hendrix
12. “Gimme Shelter” The Rolling Stones
14. “Comfortably Numb” Pink Floyd
15. “Sweet Talkin’ Woman” E.L.O
16. “Go Rest High on That Mountain” Vince Gill
17. “Mess Around” Ray Charles
18. “A Change is Gonna Come” Sam Cooke
19. “Lonesome Town” Ricky Nelson
20. “Simple Song” The Shins

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Joe Ruiz

Joe Ruiz is a writer, political aficionado, pop culture enthusiast, pro-wrestling smark, MBA graduate, former US Congressional candidate, ukulele tinkerer, Puerto Rican / American, Freemason, marketing guy, podcaster, and family man. He currently hosts The CAP (Culture & Arts Podcast) and is the Managing Editor at We Are Libertarians.

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