Voice Your Support for the Amash Amendment Today!

Committee Holds Hearing On War Powers, Libya, And Related Legislation

The Amash Amendment

As reported earlier, The Amash Amendment, proposed by Representative Justin Amash (R-MI), is causing a stir with both supporters of the amendment (excited), as well as those who oppose it (naturally). We at We Are Libertarians, and also those of us at the WAL Radio Network (wal-radio.com), encourage you to click on the link below the picture above, read the proposed amendment, and call your representative declaring your support (as soon as possible). It’s only one page. Short, sweet, and to the point; the way legislation should be. Thank you! – We Are Libertarians Staff

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Chris Spangle is the host of the Chris Spangle Show, History of Modern Politics, and Liberty Explained, podcasts on the We Are Libertarians Podcast Network. He is also the co-host of the Patdown podcast, a comedy podcast with comedians Ms. Pat and Deon Curry. Chris Spangle has been podcasting since 2007, and now teaches podcasting at PodcastingAndPlatforms.com. He also hosts the public affairs radio show “We Thought You Might Like To Know...” on Indiana radio stations which focuses on nonprofits.

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