Chris Spangle and Harry Price cover a man that died a gruesome death from an execution in Tennessee. What are our limits when it comes to the death penalty? What constitutes cruel and unusual punishment?

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What is the libertarian opinion on the death penalty? Chris Spangle, Harry Price, and Brian Nichols share their thoughts on end-of-life convictions.

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Chris Spangle and Harry Price break down the murder of Daniel Shaver by police. They also explain how Trump spends his day and Spangle reacts to the shocking loss of Roy Moore. Harry outlines why this was one of the worst weeks for the media, and we expose the corrupt nature of the deep state and Russian collusion investigative team.

Chris Spangle, Chris Gault, and Tad Western discuss virtue signaling, morals and their place in politics, and at what point can one no longer support a politician they agree with politically.

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