Spangle: A Body Blow To the Idea of the “Evil Businessman”

Canceling an event like an NBA season or a Big Ten tournament has a billions-of-dollars impact on the bottom lines of 100s of businesses which means none of these organizations would make a decision in a knee-jerk manner thanks to mass hysteria. They probably thought it through.

They probably also considered the impact on their employees too. The “evil businessman” bit really doesn’t work as the NBA, the NCAA, and hundreds of other businesses are walking away from millions in revenue this month out of concern for their employees and the public good.

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Chris Spangle is the host of the Chris Spangle Show, History of Modern Politics, and Liberty Explained, podcasts on the We Are Libertarians Podcast Network. He is also the co-host of the Patdown podcast, a comedy podcast with comedians Ms. Pat and Deon Curry. Chris Spangle has been podcasting since 2007, and now teaches podcasting at He also hosts the public affairs radio show “We Thought You Might Like To Know...” on Indiana radio stations which focuses on nonprofits.

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