The Sheetz Report: Business & Politics, Issue 335


Have you had enough of your government?  Know your rights:
Morgan Dubiel has the solution:  Read the Constitution.

TIME magazine has a different cover for the US than the rest of the world:
Because we can’t handle the truth, or are we too stupid to figure it out?

So, I watched the lies and propaganda on Syria last Sunday on CBS news program “60 Minutes”; so I wanted to find out who/what REALLY is the FSA (Free Syrian Army) that we have been helping so much:
Thanks to Alex Newman for writing this article.

And for the MSM neocon viewpoint on Syria, from FOX News (12:07):
Assad is quite clearly delusional as this interview shows…not!

iPhone5 NSA, the next big thing (3:39):

Jon Stewart unloads on cable news consistently getting things wrong (10:10):
Jon (rightfully so) tears them up.  This is funny.

Why doesn’t the MSM pick up on the fact that the last few mass murders have this in common?:
Psychiatric drugs (SSRI specifically) were being taken by all of them at the time they went off the deep end.  Instead they report it’s because they had access to assault rifles.  Demand more from the MSM or turn them off.

Not a good time to be a Christian in Syria:
In fact, it could cost you your life.  And Obama wants our support for these animals?

Ben Swann with episode 6; this is a great primer to understand more about Monsanto (7:25):
Decide for yourself.

Jon Stewart makes light of the current problems of Monsanto (4:24):—seed-patent-laws

6 ways you can help bust biotech:
Tangible ways you can get involved.

Monsanto and DuPont have spent $11 million in an attempt to defeat legislation in Washington state that would require GMO labeling:
They spent over $55 million to defeat it in California by using misinformation and lying about the bill, I would expect more of the same is Washington state.  I want to see one state stand up big-ag and begin change.
DC has already been bought and paid for by big-ag, this change will have to begin at the state level.

Congress critters are going to do it again:
Stick renewal of the Monsanto Protection Act into the new must pass spending bill.  This is why we need a law preventing this bullshit from happening again.  Support one subject at a time legislation.

Whole Foods has a major problem on their hands.  After years of saying they were organic (non-GMO) products…the ugly truth is revealed:
Most people who value what they put in their body and don’t mind paying more for organic, can become very angry when it is learned that Whole Foods has been lying to them.

I’m not sure, but should Garland, TX police officer J. Tudor be brought up on 1st or 2nd degree murder charges? (2:50):
How the hell does someone like this ever get on the police force?

McKay Coppins op-ed, is Rand Paul on the warpath and more importantly is the republican party turning libertarian?:
I am cautiously optimistic.

Barbara Boxer (D-CA) says Rand Paul owes Barack Obama an apology:
Barbara….don’t hold your breath.

Chris Morbitzer (a member of Young Americans for Liberty, or YAL) sued the University of Cincinnati for the right to free speech (8:02):
And won…maybe the first amendment is not dead?

Modesto, CA (figures) JC has a free speech zone, no 1st amendment rights outside of the zone (6:19):
This is settled law, hope they are ready to lose in court.

Charlie Rose interviews Ron Paul (24:00):
Ron explains the meaning of non-intervention (not to be confused with isolationism), something he has been speaking about for over 30 years.

FIJA can’t buy publicity like this.  As police and judges continue to disregard the Constitution, FIJA (Fully Informed Jury Association) gets stronger (9:09):
Mark Schmidter, an American patriot.

I have a number of subscribers to this newsletter from Kentucky, take note of the following:
Winchester is just east of Lexington.  If it is allowed there it’s just a matter of time until it’s statewide.  The time to act is now.

Betcha didn’t know your doctor would ask you about your sex life:
Just another surprise of Obamacare; we’ve got to pass the bill to know what’s in it.

Umm, Jay Carney?  Your boss is the one responsible for delays to his centerpiece legislation (1:55):
Not those evil GOP’ers (even though most of them are too).

Ohio schools are considering doing away with zero tolerance policies:
And a return to common sense punishments for rule breakers.

Michael Snyder draws many parallels between 1933 and 2013 in this op-ed:
Is the government and MSM in denial once again?

At least a handful of sheriff’s in NY are refusing to comply with the state passed NY Safe Act:
Citing Constitutional issues.  I applaud their efforts to protect law abiding citizens privacy rights.

They take their seatbelt violations seriously in Florida (1:46):
Marlon Brown was killed over it, the officer James Harris was fired from the police force but not charged in the death.

Another example of our entitlement society gone bezerk:
EBT “food stamps” now used for tattoos.  Kristin Tate reports.  I’ve had enough and I request to opt out.

8 crazy ways our government watches us:
Article by Kristin Tate.

Good guy wins again (2:08):
I for one, am happy that we have the option to protect ourselves in this nation.  The police can’t be everywhere.

Remember when you went to the police when you needed help (3:59):
I do.  What happened?

Followup on the above from CNN (2:14):
Officer Randall Kerrick has been charged with voluntary manslaughter (which is the wrong charge), this was murder and should be charged accordingly.  How does Kerrick live with this murder on his conscience?

This is a must read story from Radley Balko on a series of raids that occurred around Detroit back in 2007.
The hell that these citizens were put through was shameful, the fact that LEO’s refuse to be identified for their actions is beyond my comprehension, the government’s willingness to allow these actions to take place in insane:
I do not consent.  One other thing, maybe this is why the militia movement is so strong in Michigan…food for thought.

Even Wild Bill has had enough of bad cops (2:42):
OK, so what now?

Police officer Doug Martin’s termination upheld by the Indiana Court of Appeals:
Kristin Tate reports a 64 year old Alzheimer patient was tasered for over 30 seconds.  The appeals court got this one right.

Derrick Wilburn points out that:!
You stand a better chance of being killed by a gun in the gun free zone of Chicago than you do as a soldier in Afghanistan.

Obamacare, required for citizens but not for congress:
I have a problem with any law that exempts the lawmakers from the same laws citizens are required to abide by.

Alfonso Rachel with a Zonation worth watching (4:08):
Zo’s band “20 lb sledge” help’s out with this edition.

Judge Andrew Napolitano explains the SCOTUS worst decisions:
Over 200+ years there have been a bunch, here’s the worst of the worst.

When you begin to wonder where kids today get their warped version of what America is:
Look no further than their textbooks.  Cycle complete.

Need further proof of my statement above? (:33):
I rest my case.  The time to speak up is now, don’t wait for someone else to do it for you.  READ THE CONSTITUTION!

Jihad has spilled over into universities as well, here is what a professor at SDSU handed out to students on the 2nd day of classes (2:22):
Israel doesn’t exist in a muslim professor’s world.  Ghassan Zakaria is not fit to teach these viewpoints in today’s PC world.

Are we Rome? (5:13):
Nick Gillespie interviews Ben Powell from the Free Market Institute.

Hey Tennessee, when are you going to elect a real liberty candidate and stop re-electing RINO’s?:
You as voters have the power, exercise that power and dump Lamar at the first opportunity.

Todd Starnes is up in arms over a Hendersonville Tennessee high school that sent their freshman honors world studies class to a mosque where they were offered a copy of the Koran (gasp):
Todd especially upset because the class won’t be going to a Christian church or Jewish synagogue.  I don’t disagree with his argument, but here is one solution….homeschool.

Other than the state department and administration, who’s holding up the Benghazi investigation?:
Tim Brown reports that it may be the CIA.

Joe Dan Gorman’s Intellectual Froglegs, this week’s episode; Heroes & Patriots (20:21):
Joe Dan cracks me up with his brand of Kentucky conservatism.

TEDx has banned any talks regarding GMO or food as medicine topics:
That’s too bad, I’ve enjoyed TEDx’s in the past and have linked them in my emails before…guess not anymore.
The pockets of bio-ag companies can be very deep.

Texas citizens should demand a change in public policy:
Police officers should never be able to shoot an unarmed civilian unless they are in mortal danger…from a helicopter?
Reminds me of what we do in wars in distant countries like Iraq, not Texas.

In Texas, drone use by government will be OK without permission or warrant (1:50):
But drones will not be allowed legally by private organizations or citizens.  This ain’t right.

5 ways Obama has trampled the Constitution, by Elizabeth Slattery and Rich Tucker:
Too bad we don’t have any means to rectify these wrongs….oh wait, we do.

Joe Wolverton reports that Obama is violating the law again, concerning arms export laws:
If congress had any balls, they would impeach this man now!

Phyllis Schlafly writes on the latest un-Constitutional power grab by Obama, with Boehner’s blessings:
When do “We the People” step up and say NO!  It won’t be congress, they no longer represent the people.
I have had it with the executive doing things not authorized in the Constitution and worse, our representatives allowing it.  This is tyranny.

It’s an app for an smartphone, not a gun (2;18):
Just another sign of the times we live in.

Koch brothers give away A LOT of money to conservative, free market organizations:
I don’t have anything from George Soros or Bill Gates yet, if/when I do I will report that as well.

How stupid does Obama think we are? (1:21):
Raising the debt ceiling does indeed raise our debt, stop lying.

Matt Towery with a fairly unbiased op-ed on the future of the GOP:
One can only hope…

Dave Jolly with an op-ed on Obama and Arizona:
Does Obama have a grudge against the state or just its governor Jan Brewer?

The history of social security cards:
SS has went through some major change over the years.

I don’t know what the answer to the SS mess is, maybe Laurence Vance has some ideas?:
It’s just such a mess, what to do…what to do.

An Obamacare employee accidentally releases 2400 SSN’s:
This doesn’t reassure me that they can keep confidential data confidential.  It’s not too late to kill this monstrous law, just defund it.

The latest victim of Obamacare?  20,000 part-time Home Depot employees:
How could anyone in congress actually think this was a good idea?

Try as they might, the IRS scandal will not go away:
Now, if we can just find a direct link back to Obama we will have yet another impeachable offense.
Why is Lois Lerner still being paid?  Shouldn’t she be awaiting trial?

Gary DeMar op-ed on the origin of hate crime legislation:
Murder is still murder, I personally believe hate crime laws should be repealed since they are not administered equally regarding hate.

Brazil’s president Dilma Rousseff blows off her planned trip with Barack Obama:
Wait a minute, Dilma’s telling Obama to piss off?  I love it!

Shut down the Obamaphone program NOW (4:18):
Until the corruption can be eliminated…stop wasting my money!

I just have one question about this video (5:53):
Why would my tax dollars be used for making this?

The evidence of who released the sarin gas in Syria is overwhelming (3:39):
How much longer will the US continue the charade?

Al Gore might have been a little off in this prediction back in 2007 (1:43):
Not the first time Al has been wrong on a global scale.

Ben Bullard writes that Pittsburg, PA has a new (50+ year old) zoning ordinance that will increase revenue:
That completely disregards property rights.  Government overreach.

It amazes me that people are afraid of others who open carry (which is within their rights in most states [not Indiana without a permit]).  I guess the dummying down of our society is now complete.
How police handle these situations is just as scary (they open carry as part of their job).  Here is an incident at a Walmart in Marshfield Mo.
Nobody was harmed in this encounter but citizens need to realize that the bad guy with a gun is probably not going to be open carrying it (in this case it was four females who chose to carry for protection):


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