Sen. Bob Corker to Obama: “You make it hard to help you”



Republican Senator Bob Corker was a supporter of President Obama’s proposal to launch military strikes in Syria, but after watching the president’s big speech Tuesday night, all he felt was disappointment. He told CNN’s Dana Bash that far from being a decisive and commanding leader on this issue, Obama instead appears to be “uncomfortable” leading the nation.

Corker said the Obama administration’s “really hurt our credibility around the world” in their “muddlement” of the Syrian crisis, telling Bash that Obama appears to be “very uncomfortable being Commander-in-Chief.”

He lamented how while Republicans may have believed yesterday he would make the “grander case” for military strikes and Obama is “very good” directly engaging with people, “he cannot follow through” or speak to the world as the President of the United States.

He admitted, “As a result of last night, my temperature level’s up slightly today.”

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