Ruiz: Manti Te’o and the Federal Reserve

Manti Te’o and the Federal Reserve


You’ve probably heard recent news regarding Notre Dame Linebacker Manti Te’o. It’s everywhere. He had a girlfriend, his girlfriend died, he had a great season and then low and behold, his girlfriend is alive? Did he make her up? Was he the victim of an elaborate hoax? Did he personally spend time with her or was their relationship based solely online? Is he being honest? Is he lying about the situation as a whole? Was he “Catfished?”

These are the questions swarming in the minds of Fighting Irish Fans – as well as everyone else who is following what has now become a national story.

Te’o jokes have run rampant online. Have you noticed the trend “Te’oing” on Twitter and other social media outlets? People all over the internet have been taking pictures of themselves with their arm around an imaginary girlfriend and posting them humorously. I’ll include a couple with this article.



But the idea of an imaginary girlfriend seemed like a great excuse to reintroduce the Federal Reserve. Why? Well, because of the word imaginary. They create imaginary “wealth” and the imaginary conditions of prosperity. It seemed fitting since the thought of Te’o with his arm around his girlfriend seems at this point as realistic as Ben Bernanke with a handle on sound economic policies.

The most recent presidential bids of Texas Congressman Ron Paul provided the topic with a growth of exposure. The idea seemed like it was really starting to catch on. Legislation to audit the Federal Reserve became wildly popular. But Ron Paul did not receive the nomination and thus did not become the president.

Since then I have seen significantly less headlines regarding the issue. Since before the holidays the mainstream media had their eyes focused on the “fiscal cliff.” When that issue became less prevalent the Sandy Hook tragedy had taken over the media landscape. Since then gun control has been the media’s weapon of choice. Throw in the occasional Amanda Bynes mishap and perhaps now Manti Te’o will carry the torch until debt ceiling discussions resume next week? (Though I hope it doesn’t).

I won’t explain the Federal Reserve issue in its entirety. For more info please do some reading. Ron Paul’s End the Fed is very simple. For something longer you could even try The Creature from Jekyll Island. You can also find several articles about the Fed just by doing a Google search on the topic. I encourage you too.

I will say this: Just because Ron Paul is finished with his congressional career does not mean it is a dead issue. As long as it exists the Federal Reserve is a dangerous institution – with the ability to inflate our currency, manipulate our economy, and lie to the American people about its actions with relatively zero accountability.

Please don’t allow yourself to be lied to. Educate yourself! The government doesn’t generally volunteer information about its actions. It’s more likely to act in hopes that we won’t find out what it’s up to. But if you seek the truth, it will always surface. Don’t believe me? Ask Manti Te’o.

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Joe Ruiz

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